New Information to the Going Public of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.

Dear Shareholders of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.,

We would like to give you an update on the development of the coming Going Public of ECO Energy Tech ASIA Ltd. in our shareholder letter of today. As you may have learned in our shareholder letter dated the planning to realize the Going Public of our company have started. The consultants who accompany the Placement have evaluated possibilities for the listing of our shares on a European exchange. This was especially about legal questions and the compliance with the listing requirements. Also ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. worked on the preparations for the Listing and in principal the further concept for the Going Public.

With these surveys and the coming year end it is required by the Regulations for the Stock Market Listing that we present an audited year-end balance sheet for 2014 for the admission of the listing on a European Stock Exchange. We will have to make and have audited the year-end balance sheet 2014 directly in the first quarter of 2015. This will require some time, as this is naturally combined with the thorough checks of the legal requirements to fulfil the listing conditions. The additional work which occurs through this will also delay the realization of the Going Public of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. in Europe and on a German Stock Exchange. We therefore assume that the Balance for 2014 can be presented for the Listing by end of January 2015. After the admission, on which we have no influence time wise, the listing procedure will run automatically. After the present statements of the authorities this will be approximately 8-10 weeks until the listing. We will announce to you shortly a concrete timeframe thereto.

To prepare the balance sheet 2014 is necessary for the effective Regulations of the Going Public and is predetermined to us by the responsible authorities. Unfortunately we have no influence on this but have to undertake the necessary steps to comply with the regulations. From our side we would like to expedite the planned listing and we are anxious to minimize the delay caused by this.

But of course we will not be passive during the waiting period but will move forward our activities.  As you were informed in our last shareholder letter further Biodome projects are in preparation and beside the aforementioned activity in Hong Kong we will shortly start the first Biodome Project in Europe. This shall happen on an attractive site in a central situation and shall serve as showcase to enter the European market. We will inform you on this more precise shortly in a shareholder letter.

Please be assured that the caused delay will stay without negative effects on the business activity of our company and thus on your investment. With the current expansion of our activities we expect a significant increase of the perception of our business model and an increase of the value of our shares. As a shareholder of our company you will benefit from it directly.

We will shortly inform you on the further development and hope to have helped you with these information. Should you require further information or if you have questions we are happy to be available for you any time.

Yours sincerely

May Cheung


First successful Plantings in the Biodome of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.

Hong Kong, August 27, 2014. ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce the successful environmental and production testing of the first strawberry plantings in the Surrey BC Biodome which is owned by the company. In the first phase of food production, which has now been terminated, different sorts of strawberries were grown. The first seeding’s were made in (month). The first fruits could then already be harvested after only short period of growth. This means that the isolated biosphere in the Biodome allows to harvest up to ten times per year whereas a natural environment only allows a limited harvest per year. The Biodome provides the controlled environment to extend the growing season and vertical support structures enabling further multiples of crops in comparison to the accepted standard method of this type of fruit plantings. .

The process was observed by representatives of local universities specializing in horticulture and innovative agricultural concepts and a Professor of Agriculture who has produced the definitive growing guide to commercial strawberry producers, Dr. Tom Bauman. He indicated that this method may become the de facto standard of year round soft fruit production.
Mr.Tom Colclough, President of Renergy Foods AG, a total subsidiary of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd., responsible for production and operation of the Biodome was highly satisfied with the results. „This is a milestone for ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. and all its shareholders. The successful plantings demonstrate the achievement potential of the Biodome and the capacity of our business model. The past years of building and investing will now start to show dividends.”

In the now successfully realized first phase 6.000 Strawberry plants of the type AAC Lila Variety – which came from Nova Scotia / Canada were planted. Additionally another 2.000 plants of the type Albion Variety will shortly be planted providing additional income capacity. Nutrition to the plants is provided by measured dosage of carefully mixed nutrient on an automatic programmed timer basis, specific climate zones provided by heat exchangers and underfloor heating in the Biodome give a conducive environment for the growth and developments of the plants- this controlled environment optimizes the conditions for healthy growth at a fraction of the usual time necessary in a natural environment. At the same time the revenues can be multiplied as up to twelve harvests per year are possible with “ever bearing” types of strawberry as well as the usual June bearing crops can be also extended. The Biodome allows therefore an extremely productive method of planting and at the same time reducing the involved resources.
In the next phase ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. plans to grow further products such as figs, limes, wasabi rezones, and other soft fruit varieties which will be planted and harvested in the Biodome using the same procedure. In the future it shall be possible to grow numerous different fruits which normally only grow in different climate zones in one and the same Biodome.

About ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.: ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

Contact Eco Energy Tech Asia:
Eco Energy Tech Asia Limited
401-403 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Sales Office London Tel: +44-20 7873 2147 Fax: +44-20 7112 8264 Email:

Eco Energy inaugurated first worldwide Biodome in Surrey, Canada and invited high ranked academics to visit the biodome

Hongkong, May 8th 2014. ECO Energy Tech Asia (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce that it now operates the worldwide first Biodome to produce fresh vegetable products in a year-round production regardless of the existing climate zone. The company invited a number of high ranked academics from different universities to visit the site first and to examine the biodome`s functionality.

The following academics visited ECO Energy Tech Asia`s biodome:
Kwantlen University
– Mr. Gary Jones of Kwantlen University,
– Dr Arthur Fallik of Co-Chair School of Agriculture
– Professor Zamir K. Punja, Associate Vice President Research of Simon Fraser University
– Mr. Bil Koonar, Professor of Plant Pathology
– Mr. Stephen Wu of John Volken foundation
– Dr. Leila Benkrima of Surrey City Business development

The visit to the Eco Energy Bio dome was arranged by Mr. Stephen Wu of the Surrey City Business development organisation to enable and exchange views, and a verification of the progress and development of the exciting innovations at the bio dome site
An introduction to the ETFE framework and the new vertical nutrient fed towers technologies enabled the assembled academics and interested parties assimilate the implication of the design concepts incorporated in these new structure and the potential it provides for the full commercial development of high density growing spaces. The dome is divided into temperature controlled zones growing areas where the exact nutrient for that plant is supplied by time and amount.

The academics visiting the biodome were quite enthusiastic about ECO Energy`s technology. Some of the comments made by the visiting academics:
“Optimises the amount of natural sunlight available”
“The ETFE provides a sustainable alternative to glass and should be made available to greenhouse growers who wish to retro-refit their existing glass structures”
“The comprehensive attention to detail enables full flexibility of growing conditions”
“This is the growing system of the future”
“This provides the optimal usage of water for sustainable growing“
“It offers the flexibility to grow in hostile environments”
“This kind of technology and structure is ideally suited for growing food in an urban environment whether it is on a roof or a brownfield site”
ECO Energy plans to expand it`s technology worldwide and establish biodomes in different climate zones on earth.

About ECO Energy Asia Limited:

ECO Energy Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

Contact Eco Energy Tech Asia:

Eco Energy Tech Asia Limited

401-403 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

SalesOffice London Tel: +44-20 7873 2147 Fax: +44-20 7112 8264 Email:

Letter to the Shareholders

RENERGY FOODS AG, Alpenstrasse 7, 6304 Zug, Schweiz

Tel. +41-41-710 54 60      Fax. +41- 41-710 61 81

Dear Shareholders

The time has come to announce that it is finally official. The negotiations that have been held at length have now been concluded successfully! As already announced in our previous shareholder letter, Renergy Foods AG based in Zug, Switzerland is merging with ECO Energy Asia Tech Ltd. Along with this comes the news that shares held in Renergy Foods AG are being exchanged for shares in ECO.

Obviously your personal agreement to this is required and we are asking this of you in the shareholder letter here so that the implementation of the merger can take place successfully. The objective of the merger is to bring to fruition the Biodome and vertical farming technology which have been in the initial period for some time now, and to market them successfully. The world’s first Biodome of its kind in Canada is close to completion. The first plantings have already taken place. We can already expect the first profits from the sales of the products and therewith the generation of an ongoing cash flow within a short space of time. In addition to this, the first Biodome will obviously serve as a prototype for all future Biodomes and as a demo item for all parties interested in the concept in future. The objective is to market it worldwide. The next steps will be to expand our technology, especially in the direction of Europe. The establishment of a Biodome is also planned for Germany. This means that all participating parties will benefit from the unique business model of our company and the only technology in the world that will bring a viable biosphere into being. This technology will facilitate the production of foodstuffs in any type of location and in any climate, thus guaranteeing the inhabitants fresh produce on site.

The materialisation of our business concept also depends on your participation. As you were advised in our last shareholder letter, the merger with ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd presents a unique opportunity to expand the business concept to Asia on the one hand and on the other hand to have the launch materialise on the stock market, which has been in the planning stages for a long time. This will facilitate an exit option for our existing shareholders and give new interested parties the opportunity to participate in our company. For many years numerous contacts have been made, already targeting interested parties as future license holders of a Biodome. For this reason we already have numerous interested parties who are keen to set up a Biodome and run it. Renergy will supply the necessary technology for this and will benefit from future licence fees from the operators. In particular ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd is planning the establishment of two Biodomes in China and one in Hong Kong in the short-term.

For this reason, together with ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd we have compiled what we consider to be a very attractive exchange offer for all shareholders, comprising three components:
• Renergy Foods AG shareholders can exchange their shares for Eco Energy Tech Asia Ltd shares in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
• For one Renergy Foods AG shares you will receive one new ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd share i.e. at an exchange rate of 1:1 on acquiring new shares in ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd to the value of an amount of 100 % upwards of the shares you hold in Renergy Foods AG today.
• For two Renergy Foods AG shares you will receive one new ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd share i.e. at an exchange rate of 2:1 on acquiring new shares in ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd to the value of an amount of 50 % upwards of the shares you hold in Renergy Foods AG today.
• For three Renergy Foods AG shares you will receive one new ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd share i.e. an exchange rate of 3:1 on purchasing new shares in ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd to the value of an amount of 30 % upwards of the shares you hold in Renergy Foods AG today.
• For five Renergy Foods AG shares you will receive one new ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd share i.e. an exchange rate of 5:1 but without having to purchase any new shares in ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd
• You therefore have the opportunity to choose the exchange rate that best appeals to you.

All the shareholders of Renergy Foods AG can therefore benefit from the new development to the same extent. The introduction of the ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd shares to a stock market is envisaged for the third quarter of 2014. Since the preparations for this have been in the pipeline for quite some time, finalisation should take place without any delays.

On accepting the share exchange offer we kindly request you to complete and sign the attached declaration of consent form. The purchase agreement to purchase new shares of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd must also be completed and signed. Both documents can be returned to us by mail, fax or email as a scanned document.

Please use the following contact information for this:
Renergy Foods AG, Alpenstrasse 7, 6304 Zug, Switzerland
Contact person: Mr Klatt
Tel.: +41-41-710 54 60
Fax.:+41-41-710 61 81

We are pleased to be in a position to make you an attractive exchange offer of this nature and hope that it will gain your approval. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Klatt from our company if you have any questions or require further information.

Zug, 17th February 2014 Hong Kong, 17th February 2014

Renergy Foods AG ECO Energy Asia Tech Ltd

Administrative Board President

BRIEF Alle Aktionäre

Sehr geehrte Aktionäre und Aktionärinnen,

wir möchten Ihnen gerne einen Überblick über die Aktivitäten der Renergy Foods AG geben, nachdem der letzte Aktionärsbrief bereits eine Weile zurück liegt.

Wie Sie sicherlich verfolgt haben, befindet sich der Biodome der Renergy Foods AG weiterhin im Bau. Wir haben Ihnen dazu ja regelmässig Fotos auf unserer Webseite veröffentlicht. Der Bau des Biodomes ist weiterhin oberste Priorität unserer Tätigkeiten, wenngleich sich neue, zusätzliche und wie wir meinen auch sehr lukrative andere Geschäftsfelder für die Renergy Foods AG ergeben haben.

Der Börsengang der Renergy Foods AG im Wege einer Fusion mit einer börsennotierten Gesellschaft ist weiterhin vorgesehen. Die Fusion mit der Meteor AG wird jedoch nicht stattfinden. Wir haben unsererseits alles Erforderliche und Mögliche getan, um die Fusion zu realisieren, jedoch haben sich aus unserer Sicht seitens der Meteor zu grosse organisatorische Probleme aufgezeigt, sodass wir aus einer Fusion mit der Meteor AG Nachteile für die Renergy Foods AG und deren Aktionäre befürchten, welche wir im Interesse aller Beteiligten vermeiden möchten. Selbstverständlich liegt es auch in unserem Interesse, dass die Anteile der Renergy Foods AG handelbar werden und somit ein reeller Marktwert für alle Beteiligten entsteht.

Wie Sie sicherlich verfolgt haben, befinden uns derzeit in Verhandlungen mit der ECO ENERGY TECH ASIA Ltd. , mit dem Ziel dort einen Zusammenschluss zu realisieren um so eine Börsennotierung zu erreichen. Es wurde bereits ein Letter of Intent (Absichtserklärung) durch die Renergy Foods AG und die ECO ENERGY ASIA TECH Ltd. Unterzeichnet, wonach es die Absicht aller Beteiligten ist, eine Fusion zu erreichen und die Aktien beider Gesellschaften in einer neuen Gesellschaft zu bündeln, wobei die neue Gesellschaft dann an einer offiziellen Börse notiert sein soll. Alle Beteiligten sind sich über dieses Ziel einig und verfolgen es mit aller Konzentration. Wir bitten Sie deshalb diesbezüglich noch um etwas Geduld, obwohl uns natürlich bewusst ist, dass alle Aktionäre schon sehr lange auf eine befriedigende Lösung warten.

Priorität für eine erfolgreiche Fusion der Renergy Foods AG mit einer anderen Gesellschaft hat natürlich die Ingangsetzung des Biodomes und damit der operativen Tätigkeit der Renergy Foods AG. Dies demonstriert ja die Funktionsfähigkeit unseres Geschäftsmodells und die Möglichkeit der Umsetzung einer Vision in die Realität. Nachdem sich die Fertigstellung des Biodomes mehrfach verzögert hat, wurde nunmehr eine umfangreiche Umstrukturierung der Aktivitäten und des Managements der Renergy Foods AG beschlossen und umgesetzt. Die ECO ENERGY TECH ASIA Ltd. Hat nun 60 % der Anteile der Renergy Foods Canada übernommen und wird die Fertigstellung des Biodomes finanzieren. Gleichzeitig wurde das Management der Renergy Foods Canada ausgetaucht und Herr Colclough, als Präsident der Renergy Foods AG übernimmt nun auch die technische Leitung der Renergy Foods Canada  und Frau May Cheung, die Präsidentin der ECO ENERGY TECH ASIA Ltd. Wird die kaufmännische Leitung übernehmen. Daneben tritt Hr. Victor Elias als Rechtsberater der Gesellschaft in den Vorstand der Renergy Foods Canada ein. Die vormaligen Mitglieder des Vorstandes sind zurückgetreten und habend damit keine Funktion mehr.

Ziel ist es nunmehr dass Herr Colclough sich voll auf die technische Fertigstellung des Biodomes konzentrieren kann und nicht durch andere administrative Aufgaben von seiner wichtigsten Funktion abgelenkt wird. Dies entspricht auch seinen gelernten Fähigkeiten als Ingenieur und Erfinder des Biodomes und der Idee des vertikalen Anbaus innerhalb einer geschlossenen Biosphäre. Mit diesen Massnahmen kann jetzt der Bau des Biodomes innerhalb kurzer Zeit vollendet werden und die Renergy Foods Canada kann beginnen erste Nahrungsmittel anzubauen und diese binnen kurzer Zeit zu vermarkten.

Darüber hinaus hat das Management einen fünf Punkte Plan erarbeitet, der Ihnen die wichtigsten Meilensteine für die weitere Entwicklung der Renergy Foods AG aufzeigen soll und allen Beteiligten als Vorgabe für die zukünftigen Aktivitäten dient:

  1. Fertigstellung des Biodomes per 31.12.2013. Anschliessend offizielle Eröffnung des weltweit ersten Biodomes im Januar 2014.
  2. Aufnahme der Produktion von Nahrungsmitteln im Januar 2014
  3. Vorbereitung der endgültigen Fusion zwischen Renergy Foods AG und ECO ENERGY TECH ASIA Ltd. Mit Ziel des Abschlusses im 2. Quartal 2014
  4. Beginn des Aktientausches der Aktien der Renergy Foods AG und der neuen börsennotierten Gesellschaft ab dem 2. Quartal 2014
  5. Aufnahme der Börsennotiz der neuen Gesellschaft an einem regulierten Markt im 3. Quartal 2014

Sollten Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Investor Relation Abteilung

Herrn Klatt.

Renergy Foods AG

Investor Relation

Tel. 0041-41-7105460

Fax. 0041-41-7106181

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Der Verwaltungsrat

Eco Energy takes over majority in Renergyfoods Canada and appoints new members to the Board of Directors

Hongkong, October 28th 2013. ECO Energy Tech Asia (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce that it now owns 60 percent of the outstanding shares of Renergy Foods Canada, formerly known as NuAgri Inc., with its principal office in Vancouver, Canada. ECO Energy Asia therefore now controls the majority of the company and the votes.

Renergyfoods Canada is a Canadian company that develops the first worldwide biodome which is now in the final construction process and shall be operating in January 2014. The biodome is an insulated biosphere that allows the year-round production of fresh vegetable products regardless of weather conditions. The biodome consist of the latest technology to enhance plant growth by using a vertical farming system that increases the output of produce significantly and reduces the need of energy and water supply.

Also ECO Energy Asia is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Tom Colclough, Mrs Yuan May Cheung and Mr. Victor J. Elias as new Members of the Board of Directors of Renergyfoods Canada. ECO Energy Asia believes that the addition of the new directors will significantly strengthen the Board through the addition of the combined skill sets, education and experience of these three highly qualified individuals, particularly in light of the new strategic business situation of the company and consideration to enhance shareholder value.

Mr. Colclough is engineer and founder and President of Renergy Foods AG, a Swiss company that has developed the Biodome technology by using the vertical farming system. Mrs. Yuan Cheung is President of ECO Energy Asia and has a long business experience in the financial industry and Private Equity business. Mr. Elias has a law degree of University of Manitoba, Canada and is a legal consultant to smaller and midsize businesses in Canada.

ECO Energy Asia also announces resignations of former directors Chris Gielnik, Stuart Brazier and Philip Patton. ECO Energy Asia would like to thank Mr. Gielnik, Mr. Brazier and Mr. Patton for their valuable contributions to the company during their tenure.

About ECO Energy Asia Limited:
ECO Energy Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

Contact Eco Energy Tech Asia:
Eco Energy Tech Asia Limited
401-403 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
SalesOffice London Tel: +44-20 7873 2147 Fax: +44-20 7112 8264 Email:

Renergy Foods AG signs licence agreement with Eco Tech Asia

Zug Switzerland March 14 2013 A license agreement for the marketing of Renergy products and technology has been agreed and signed by Tom Colclough and Peter Cheung of Eco tech Asia in support of Eco Tech Asia initiatives into Hong Kong and China.

These opportunities identified by Eco tech Asia for the introduction of the Renergy technology mark a paradigm for Renergyfoods where the research and development of the closed pressure regulated vertical growing systems and architecture have entered into the main stream of high tech agriculture offering solutions to the needs of land management water conservation and monitored energy requirements.

Further expansion of territories within the region is anticipated following discussions and agreements with stakeholders in neighboring countries and proximal Island nations.

Included in the arrangements with Eco Tech Asia is the placement of a high volume production manufacturing facility to accommodate the anticipated demand and provide cost containment.

Renergy Signs Letter Of Intent for Marketing Rights to China and Hong Kong

Zug, Switzerland Jan. 29, 2013. Tom Colclough today announced that Renergy AG has signed a letter of intent with ECO Energy Tech Asia Limited, a Hong Kong company, granting the exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights to China and Hong Kong.

RENERGY has designed an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh produce regardless of weather conditions; significantly reduces energy and input requirements; allows maximum natural and supplemental light exposure to all plants; allows oxygen to be delivered to the root area to minimize root-rot and increase plant metabolism; allows carbon dioxide to be delivered to the leaf area to increase photosynthesis; that increases plant density by up to 700%; accelerates growth rates by up to 75%; increases plant biomass by up to 80%; reduces fungicide, herbicide, and pesticide use by 100%; reduces water use by up to 98%; reduces nutrient solution use by up to 60%; and increases shelf life of harvested produce by up to 300%.

ECO Energy Asia Limited desires to obtain the exclusive Chinese and Hong Kong marketing and manufacturing rights to the ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System. Having signed the Letter Of Intent, Eco Energy and Renergy intend to sign a License Agreement to formalize the agreement.

Peter Cheung, the President of ECO Energy Asia Limited, intends to immediately build two demonstration sites: one in Hong Kong and one in China. In addition to being demonstration sites used to sell the BioDomes and Vertical Growing System technology, these facilities will grow fruits and vegetables to supply local markets. As a result, they will show that the technology is both commercially viable and generate revenues for ECO Energy Asia Limited. Peter Cheung is very excited at the opportunity offered by the Hong Kong and Chinese markets. Furthermore, he believes “There is a significant need to grow more fruits and vegetables locally, in a smaller area, faster, and without chemicals. All of which are available in the Renergy technology.”

ECO Energy Asia Limited and Renergy Foods AG intend to sign the License Agreement within the following two weeks.