Building Regional Produce Supply Chains

Food Security, Regional Food

Regional Food Supply Chains

Many businesses, nonprofits and government agencies are seeking replicable models for regional good systems. This publication focuses on how to make regional distribution a large-volume logistical reality.

Whether the incentive is freshness, economic development, food safety, food resilience, healthy ecosystems, minimization of carbon footprint, or simply the desire for stronger community, the demand for regional food is booming…and the demand is not being met.

In response to this need, FarmsReach hosted a workshop in August of 2010 that brought together representatives from farms, aggregators (and food hubs), distributors, and end-business buyers.  The purpose of the workshop was to outline and discuss barriers in creating efficient regional logistics for local food chains; and in doing so formulate possible solutions.

Read the executive summary (and download full pdf) here.

Article: Growing Green, by Matt Blackman

Food Prices: Clean Green Revolution

Food prices have doubled since 2002. The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 10,000 years. This article addresses issues with food prices and industrial agriculture practices. The article suggests a ‘clean green revolution’. Today, agritech companies are boasting significantly higher crop yields, year round growing potential; with less water, nutrients, and energy needed.

Read: Growing Green by Matt Blackman

Comparison of Farming Alternatives

This spreadsheet outlines agricultural objectives by comparing three growing strategies: conventional outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, and Biodome growing.

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Biodome greenhouse comparison

Biodome greenhouse comparison

Renergy Foods Energy Management

Renergy sustainable energy

Renergy sustainable energy

This spreadsheet compares agricultural strategies concerning energy management between conventional outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, and biodome growing.

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Article: What’s Wrong With What We Eat

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 02:12

Mark Bittman On What’s Wrong With What We Eat
In this fiery and funny talk, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman weighs in on what’s wrong with the way we eat now (too much meat, too few plants; too much fast food, too little home cooking), and why it’s putting the entire planet at risk.
Mark is a bestselling cookbook author, journalist and television personality. His friendly, informal approach to home cooking has shown millions that fancy execution is no substitute for flavor and soul.
Mark is currently at work on a new book, Food Matters, which explores the link between our eating habits and the environment, offering an accessible plan for a planet-friendly diet.

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What Is Aeroponics

Aeroponics is an emerging horticultural technology without the use of soil.
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The Great Food Crisis Of 2011

According to, a food crisis is imminent:
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What Is ETFE?

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, or “ETFE” is being called a revolutionary building material:
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Working With EFTE

EFTE is a revolutionary building material – we have found an excellent article at to explain more about the technology:
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Key Properties Of ETFE

We have a downloadable PDF document outlining the properties of ETFE:
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