Eco Energy takes over majority in Renergyfoods Canada and appoints new members to the Board of Directors

Hongkong, October 28th 2013. ECO Energy Tech Asia (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce that it now owns 60 percent of the outstanding shares of Renergy Foods Canada, formerly known as NuAgri Inc., with its principal office in Vancouver, Canada. ECO Energy Asia therefore now controls the majority of the company and the votes.

Renergyfoods Canada is a Canadian company that develops the first worldwide biodome which is now in the final construction process and shall be operating in January 2014. The biodome is an insulated biosphere that allows the year-round production of fresh vegetable products regardless of weather conditions. The biodome consist of the latest technology to enhance plant growth by using a vertical farming system that increases the output of produce significantly and reduces the need of energy and water supply.

Also ECO Energy Asia is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Tom Colclough, Mrs Yuan May Cheung and Mr. Victor J. Elias as new Members of the Board of Directors of Renergyfoods Canada. ECO Energy Asia believes that the addition of the new directors will significantly strengthen the Board through the addition of the combined skill sets, education and experience of these three highly qualified individuals, particularly in light of the new strategic business situation of the company and consideration to enhance shareholder value.

Mr. Colclough is engineer and founder and President of Renergy Foods AG, a Swiss company that has developed the Biodome technology by using the vertical farming system. Mrs. Yuan Cheung is President of ECO Energy Asia and has a long business experience in the financial industry and Private Equity business. Mr. Elias has a law degree of University of Manitoba, Canada and is a legal consultant to smaller and midsize businesses in Canada.

ECO Energy Asia also announces resignations of former directors Chris Gielnik, Stuart Brazier and Philip Patton. ECO Energy Asia would like to thank Mr. Gielnik, Mr. Brazier and Mr. Patton for their valuable contributions to the company during their tenure.

About ECO Energy Asia Limited:
ECO Energy Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

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MicroDome Architectural Drawings

The following architectual drawings provide various perspectives of the first ETFE Biodome, which is to be called the MicroDome. It is intended to be sold to small and aspiring commercial growers. Its key benefit is to provide a climate-controlled environment which enables stable year-round crop production through the use of pneumatic ETFE pillows. Its small carbon footprint, when combined with the Vertical Growing Cabinet, will provide a cost-effective growing solution.

Isometric view of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

North elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

East elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

South elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

West elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

Roof plan of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

Ground Floor Plan of ETFE Bidome (MicroDome)

Foundation Plan of ETFE Bidome (MicroDome)