First successful Plantings in the Biodome of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.

Hong Kong, August 27, 2014. ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce the successful environmental and production testing of the first strawberry plantings in the Surrey BC Biodome which is owned by the company. In the first phase of food production, which has now been terminated, different sorts of strawberries were grown. The first seeding’s were made in (month). The first fruits could then already be harvested after only short period of growth. This means that the isolated biosphere in the Biodome allows to harvest up to ten times per year whereas a natural environment only allows a limited harvest per year. The Biodome provides the controlled environment to extend the growing season and vertical support structures enabling further multiples of crops in comparison to the accepted standard method of this type of fruit plantings. .

The process was observed by representatives of local universities specializing in horticulture and innovative agricultural concepts and a Professor of Agriculture who has produced the definitive growing guide to commercial strawberry producers, Dr. Tom Bauman. He indicated that this method may become the de facto standard of year round soft fruit production.
Mr.Tom Colclough, President of Renergy Foods AG, a total subsidiary of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd., responsible for production and operation of the Biodome was highly satisfied with the results. „This is a milestone for ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. and all its shareholders. The successful plantings demonstrate the achievement potential of the Biodome and the capacity of our business model. The past years of building and investing will now start to show dividends.”

In the now successfully realized first phase 6.000 Strawberry plants of the type AAC Lila Variety – which came from Nova Scotia / Canada were planted. Additionally another 2.000 plants of the type Albion Variety will shortly be planted providing additional income capacity. Nutrition to the plants is provided by measured dosage of carefully mixed nutrient on an automatic programmed timer basis, specific climate zones provided by heat exchangers and underfloor heating in the Biodome give a conducive environment for the growth and developments of the plants- this controlled environment optimizes the conditions for healthy growth at a fraction of the usual time necessary in a natural environment. At the same time the revenues can be multiplied as up to twelve harvests per year are possible with “ever bearing” types of strawberry as well as the usual June bearing crops can be also extended. The Biodome allows therefore an extremely productive method of planting and at the same time reducing the involved resources.
In the next phase ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. plans to grow further products such as figs, limes, wasabi rezones, and other soft fruit varieties which will be planted and harvested in the Biodome using the same procedure. In the future it shall be possible to grow numerous different fruits which normally only grow in different climate zones in one and the same Biodome.

About ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.: ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

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Vertical Growing Cabinets

This page will be updated to show development of the prototype of the Vertical Growing Cabinet. The Cabinet is considered a manufacturing prototype because it uses plastic parts made from temporary molds. The purpose is to identify design improvements before investing in the plastic injection molds required for commercialization.

Vertical Growing Cabinet

Artist rendering of the Vertical Growing Cabinet

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate (front view)

Front view where plantlets grow on a 45 degree angle towards the light source (sun or artificial lighting)

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate (rear view)

Rear view of growing cabinet where plantlet roots hang towards watering system.

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Plantlet cube trays

Plantlet cube trays, approximately 17 / sq.ft

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate with cube trays inserted

Top down view of plantlet cube trays inserted into growing cabinet

Vertical Growing Cabinet

Front of vertical growing cabinet with plantlet trays inserted