Construction of Renergy’s Prototype BioDome is Underway

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Prototype BioDome will Showcase Renergy’s Advanced Horticultural Growing Technologies

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – February 28, 2012.

RENERGY Foods Canada, Inc. (“Renergy”) announced today that construction of its prototype BioDome is now underway at the company’s farm site in Surrey, British Columbia. While the project experienced some weather-related delays, it benefits greatly from various late-stage cost-saving design optimizations.

Renergy will document the entire construction process and periodically upload pictures to its website at:

Construction work completed to date includes the placement of thermal insulation and hydronic pipes followed by the pouring of the dome’s concrete floor. The site is now ready for the erection of the BioDome’s supporting aluminum structure. In tandem, ETFE pillows that will clad the BioDome will be manufactured onsite in a custom-built facility. Due to the proprietary nature of this technology, no photos will be made available.

The 30 by 10 meter BioDome now under construction will serve as a demonstration project called the “MicroDome”. A full-scale BioDome version has been designed for future use. Even during its concept stage, the MicroDome has garnered significant attention from prospective customers, such as commercial growers and farmers operating on small acreages.

About Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. and Renergy BioDomes

Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. ( is an urban agriculture company that develops novel, sustainable agricultural and horticultural technologies for commercial and retail growers across the globe. Renergy’s solutions contribute to a commercially-viable renaissance of local (urban) food production and address environmental, social, and sustainability issues.

Renergy designs and builds patented BioDomes that are environmentally-friendly and can be located anywhere, including the most climatically inhospitable areas. Given the enhanced yields as a result of the company’s ability to grow high margin produce for 12 months of the year, faster growing times and cost-effective energy management, clients will experience faster capital payback, enhanced profitability, and compelling, consistent revenue growth.

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