Renergy Foods AG Completes Phase I of its BioDome Construction Project

April 18, 2012 by  
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(Surrey, BC, Canada) – April 18, 2012.

Tom Colclough, President of Renergy Foods AG (“Renergy”), today announced the completion of Phase I of the company’s 30 by 10 meter BioDome project at its subsidiary’s farm site in Surrey, British Columbia. The BioDome’s supporting aluminum structure is now in place, anchored to the structure’s concrete floor with its integrated thermal insulation and hydronic pipes that provide fourteen separate heating zones to control climate within the BioDome.

Renergy will immediately progress to Phase II, which will see the mounting of custom-made extruded aluminum keder tracks to the BioDome’s supporting structure. The keder tracks in turn will then support ETFE pillows, which form the BioDome’s hi-tech “skin”. Using a proprietary process, these ETFE pillows are currently being fabricated onsite at a custom-built ETFE fabrication facility.

Renergy’s prototype BioDome will serve as a demonstration project called the “MicroDome”. Even during its concept stage, the MicroDome has garnered significant attention from prospective customers, such as commercial growers and farmers operating on small acreages. In addition, a full-scale BioDome version has been designed for future use.

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