Renergy Foods AG signs licence agreement with Eco Tech Asia

March 16, 2013 by  
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Zug Switzerland March 14 2013 A license agreement for the marketing of Renergy products and technology has been agreed and signed by Tom Colclough and Peter Cheung of Eco tech Asia in support of Eco Tech Asia initiatives into Hong Kong and China.

These opportunities identified by Eco tech Asia for the introduction of the Renergy technology mark a paradigm for Renergyfoods where the research and development of the closed pressure regulated vertical growing systems and architecture have entered into the main stream of high tech agriculture offering solutions to the needs of land management water conservation and monitored energy requirements.

Further expansion of territories within the region is anticipated following discussions and agreements with stakeholders in neighboring countries and proximal Island nations.

Included in the arrangements with Eco Tech Asia is the placement of a high volume production manufacturing facility to accommodate the anticipated demand and provide cost containment.