Eco Energy inaugurated first worldwide Biodome in Surrey, Canada and invited high ranked academics to visit the biodome

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Hongkong, May 8th 2014. ECO Energy Tech Asia (“Eco Energy Asia”) is pleased to announce that it now operates the worldwide first Biodome to produce fresh vegetable products in a year-round production regardless of the existing climate zone. The company invited a number of high ranked academics from different universities to visit the site first and to examine the biodome`s functionality.

The following academics visited ECO Energy Tech Asia`s biodome:
Kwantlen University
– Mr. Gary Jones of Kwantlen University,
– Dr Arthur Fallik of Co-Chair School of Agriculture
– Professor Zamir K. Punja, Associate Vice President Research of Simon Fraser University
– Mr. Bil Koonar, Professor of Plant Pathology
– Mr. Stephen Wu of John Volken foundation
– Dr. Leila Benkrima of Surrey City Business development

The visit to the Eco Energy Bio dome was arranged by Mr. Stephen Wu of the Surrey City Business development organisation to enable and exchange views, and a verification of the progress and development of the exciting innovations at the bio dome site
An introduction to the ETFE framework and the new vertical nutrient fed towers technologies enabled the assembled academics and interested parties assimilate the implication of the design concepts incorporated in these new structure and the potential it provides for the full commercial development of high density growing spaces. The dome is divided into temperature controlled zones growing areas where the exact nutrient for that plant is supplied by time and amount.

The academics visiting the biodome were quite enthusiastic about ECO Energy`s technology. Some of the comments made by the visiting academics:
“Optimises the amount of natural sunlight available”
“The ETFE provides a sustainable alternative to glass and should be made available to greenhouse growers who wish to retro-refit their existing glass structures”
“The comprehensive attention to detail enables full flexibility of growing conditions”
“This is the growing system of the future”
“This provides the optimal usage of water for sustainable growing“
“It offers the flexibility to grow in hostile environments”
“This kind of technology and structure is ideally suited for growing food in an urban environment whether it is on a roof or a brownfield site”
ECO Energy plans to expand it`s technology worldwide and establish biodomes in different climate zones on earth.

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ECO Energy Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

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