New Information to the Going Public of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.

November 18, 2014 by  
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Dear Shareholders of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.,

We would like to give you an update on the development of the coming Going Public of ECO Energy Tech ASIA Ltd. in our shareholder letter of today. As you may have learned in our shareholder letter dated the planning to realize the Going Public of our company have started. The consultants who accompany the Placement have evaluated possibilities for the listing of our shares on a European exchange. This was especially about legal questions and the compliance with the listing requirements. Also ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. worked on the preparations for the Listing and in principal the further concept for the Going Public.

With these surveys and the coming year end it is required by the Regulations for the Stock Market Listing that we present an audited year-end balance sheet for 2014 for the admission of the listing on a European Stock Exchange. We will have to make and have audited the year-end balance sheet 2014 directly in the first quarter of 2015. This will require some time, as this is naturally combined with the thorough checks of the legal requirements to fulfil the listing conditions. The additional work which occurs through this will also delay the realization of the Going Public of ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. in Europe and on a German Stock Exchange. We therefore assume that the Balance for 2014 can be presented for the Listing by end of January 2015. After the admission, on which we have no influence time wise, the listing procedure will run automatically. After the present statements of the authorities this will be approximately 8-10 weeks until the listing. We will announce to you shortly a concrete timeframe thereto.

To prepare the balance sheet 2014 is necessary for the effective Regulations of the Going Public and is predetermined to us by the responsible authorities. Unfortunately we have no influence on this but have to undertake the necessary steps to comply with the regulations. From our side we would like to expedite the planned listing and we are anxious to minimize the delay caused by this.

But of course we will not be passive during the waiting period but will move forward our activities.  As you were informed in our last shareholder letter further Biodome projects are in preparation and beside the aforementioned activity in Hong Kong we will shortly start the first Biodome Project in Europe. This shall happen on an attractive site in a central situation and shall serve as showcase to enter the European market. We will inform you on this more precise shortly in a shareholder letter.

Please be assured that the caused delay will stay without negative effects on the business activity of our company and thus on your investment. With the current expansion of our activities we expect a significant increase of the perception of our business model and an increase of the value of our shares. As a shareholder of our company you will benefit from it directly.

We will shortly inform you on the further development and hope to have helped you with these information. Should you require further information or if you have questions we are happy to be available for you any time.

Yours sincerely

May Cheung