Patent Filing News: Jan. 31, 2011

January 31, 2011 by  
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Tom Colclough, the president of RENERGY FOODS AG, today announced that on 12 January 2011 the Company filed a new Canadian patent application in the Canadian Patent Office.

The patent application covers 48 claims of a plant growing system designed to increase plant density and yields.  The patent includes descriptions of a building structure that provides an artificial growing environment, growing walls arranged in parallel rows, and Aisles between the growing walls to provide access to as many as fifty layers of plants.

The Company expects to receive an official filing receipt that sets out the application serial number and confirming the filing date from the Canadian Patent Office within the next several months.  In approximately eighteen months after the Canadian filing date, the patent application should be published by the Canadian Patent Office and posted to the Canadian Patent Office website.

In the next year, Renergy Foods AG anticipates filing additional patent applications to protect its intellectual property.