Vertical Growing Cabinets

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This page will be updated to show development of the prototype of the Vertical Growing Cabinet. The Cabinet is considered a manufacturing prototype because it uses plastic parts made from temporary molds. The purpose is to identify design improvements before investing in the plastic injection molds required for commercialization.

Vertical Growing Cabinet

Artist rendering of the Vertical Growing Cabinet

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate (front view)

Front view where plantlets grow on a 45 degree angle towards the light source (sun or artificial lighting)

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate (rear view)

Rear view of growing cabinet where plantlet roots hang towards watering system.

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Plantlet cube trays

Plantlet cube trays, approximately 17 / sq.ft

Vertical Growing Cabinet: Front Plate with cube trays inserted

Top down view of plantlet cube trays inserted into growing cabinet

Vertical Growing Cabinet

Front of vertical growing cabinet with plantlet trays inserted