Company Registration

Renergy Foods AG is a privately registered company under Swiss jurisdiction

Company Structure

Renergy Foods AG is an urban agriculture research and development business with four operational subsidiaries.
Cleantech Investing

The four operational subsidiaries are:

  • Tensiform Structures, Inc. to design cost-effective structures using membrane architecture.
  • Clearbuilt Structures Canada, Inc. to build cost effective structures using membrane architecture.
  • Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. to provide consumers with a variety of more affordable, fresh, tasty, nutritious, local produce by increasing yields and lowering sustainable production costs.
  • Aerotec Growing Systems, Inc. to design and develop high yielding growing systems for the horticultural industry.

Renergy Foods AG owns and supplies licensed technology to the different businesses.

Potential Partners

Renergy Foods is in discussion with potential educational and financial partners to help develop its businesses. Information will be added to this website accordingly.

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    Renergy Foods Canada, Inc.
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    Fax: +1 (604) 639-0580

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