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To design and build the World’s best and most sustainable food growing greenhouse systems for commercial growers, urban farmers, and people who like tastier, healthier food choices.

Sustainable Food Systewms

A food system in which everyone has financial and physical access to culturally appropriate, affordable, nutritious foods that were grown without degrading the natural environment, and in which the general population understands nutrition and the food system in general.

What is NuAgri?

Simply put, NuAgri means new agriculture. The world’s agriculture systems are changing and NuAgri is positioning itself at the forefront. The factors that drive this change are ubiquitous and clear: more efficient energy consumption; unpredictable weather patterns; and sustainable production chains. NuAgri means new agriculture; Nu innovations; Nu technologies; Nu strategies.

NuAgri Agriculture Solution

NuAgri’s agriculture solutions addresses social, economic and environmental factors and incorporates the use of key technologies to ensure cost effective, sustainable crop production. It uses:

  • Biodome Greenhouse. The Biodome is a geodesic dome that can provide ideal conditions for optimal and accelerated plant growth. It is made from Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene (“ETFE”) which allows greater economic savings in construction costs as well as many advantages for operational efficiency. Key benefits are summarized on the Tensiform and Clearbuilt business pages of this website. These businesses are responsibility for Biodome design and construction.

Biodome covered with ETFE pneumatic pillows

NuAgri's Biodome

  • Aeroponic Growing Systems: Aeroponics allow faster growth cycles and the elimination of soil as a substrate. Exposed plant roots are periodically soaked in an oxygenated and water-based mixture containing a carefully selected blend of dissolved nutrients that provide exactly the food elements needed for optimum growth. Carbon dioxide levels can also be controlled at the leaf level. The constant, controlled climate eliminates bad weather damage, minimizes pest damage, accelerates plant growth, allows multiple crop cycles per annul, increases shelf lives of packaged plants at harvest as aeroponic plants can be packaged and sold when they are alive, gives potentially higher nutritional value crops than field crops given the controlled nutrient supply and uses 10x less water than conventional farming.

The Future of NuAgri

NuAgri’s systems when used together offer a number of benefits for the future of food production. Large scale commercial growers will benefit from increased yields and longer growing seasons. However, NuAgri’s systems allows for Biodome’s to be build closer to urban centers where they can be placed on roof tops.

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