Growing food

Aerotec’s Business

Aerotec‘s mission is to design and develop the most cost effective, highest yielding growing systems for the horticultural industry.

What Are High Yielding Growing Systems?

High yielding growing systems allow horticulturalists to increase plant yields per square foot. They can take various forms, but usually employ a modular system capable of being stacked or a vertical style system of growing cabinets. Growing systems need to facilitate healthy plant growth and allow the grower to avoid compromising crop quality.

Why The Need?

High yielding growing systems are in big demand by horticulturalists looking to maximise returns. Increasing plant yields by allowing increased plant density per square foot makes particularly good commercial sense when land for cultivation is scarce or at a premium. Such is the case for island economies such as Singapore. However it is not only island economies that are focused the cost of producing food locally. Concerns for sustainability, food security and impact on the environment are behind a growth in urban agriculture, where fresh food is produced locally to where consumers live. Local government, producers and consumers are aligning like never before to support urban agriculture. The urban agriculture model can maximise returns with high yield growing systems.

Design And Technology

The growing system design is paramount. It must be simple, effective and aligned with the type of farming employed. Aerotec is currently developing systems with Renergy Foods Canada to grow crops aeroponically in their Biodomes.


Aerotec will be supplying Renergy Foods Canada with a high yielding growing cabinet system for use in their Biodomes. However, Aerotec’s growing systems will be for use in warehouses, greenhouses, Biodomes or other buildings and will be supplied to other end users as appropriate.


Aerotec Growing Systems, Inc. is a licensed Canadian private company, located in Vancouver, BC.

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