Renergy Foods AG is an urban agriculture research and development business that supplies licensed technologies. Renergy is concerned with addressing sustainability issues in a commercially viable manner.

Our Mission

Renergy Foods’ mission is to invest in commercially viable green initiatives.

Our Businesses

Renergy Foods currently has four operational subsidiaries:

  • Tensiform Structures, Inc. to design cost-effective structures using membrane architecture.
  • Clearbuilt Structures, Inc. to build cost effective structures using membrane architecture.
  • Aerotec Growing Systems, Inc. to design and develop high yielding growing systems for the horticultural industry.
  • Renergy Foods Canada, Inc. is addressing the increasing need for Urban Agriculture by using increased yields and lower sustainable production costs.  It will provide consumers with a variety of more affordable, fresh, tasty, nutritious, local produce.

Our Management

Renergy Foods continues to build a highly skilled team to run its businesses.
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