Tom has held senior roles in strategic health and defence programs in the UKAfrica and the Middle East with ICL, IBM, Micro Strategy, BAE Systems, and IBA.The majority of roles have required practical steps to implement new and innovative technologies providing solutions to challenging problems.


Prof. Bocker lives in central Switzerland and in Vancouver, holds two professorships in business administration and applies his dual education in technology and economics / management in many areas. As a cosmopolitan, he works as a consultant, author, finance and business journalist, columnist and as a IR and PR specialist. He has for decades devoted himself to the topics of precious metals, the mining industry and especially issues of sustainable/renewable production of various kinds as well as start-ups. His assignments and interests have taken him to over 70 countries, including the Middle and Far East, Africa, Europe and North America. To date, the number of his publications exceeds the 2000 mark, 150 of which are academic. The majority of the articles and papers have been published by the Börsen- Zeitung (11 years of collaboration), the Frankfurter Allgemeine (9 years), Finanz- und Wirtschaft (over 20 years) and Die Welt (1 year). He can be found under “ B ” in all editions of “Who’s Who In the World” from 1991 to 2011. He teaches at two elite business schools, works in public and international relations, advises a number of commodity, mining and other mid-size companies. He is a member of Rotary International. His latest book “Liberty through Gold” is in its third edition and published in 8 languages


Stuart specialises in raising venture capital for start-up and turnaround companies, having funded several private and public companies in internet technology, media, and service sectors. Stuart transformed Vancouver Mailing Services, a data processing service, into Xerox’s largest client in Western Canada before on selling the company. He was also responsible for the introduction and development of a computerized election system at Macrotrends International Inc., which was subsequently sold to become the world’s largest supplier of election