MicroDome Architectural Drawings

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The following architectual drawings provide various perspectives of the first ETFE Biodome, which is to be called the MicroDome. It is intended to be sold to small and aspiring commercial growers. Its key benefit is to provide a climate-controlled environment which enables stable year-round crop production through the use of pneumatic ETFE pillows. Its small carbon footprint, when combined with the Vertical Growing Cabinet, will provide a cost-effective growing solution.

Isometric view of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

North elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

East elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

South elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

West elevation of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

Roof plan of ETFE Biodome (MicroDome)

Ground Floor Plan of ETFE Bidome (MicroDome)

Foundation Plan of ETFE Bidome (MicroDome)

Comparison of Farming Alternatives

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This spreadsheet outlines agricultural objectives by comparing three growing strategies: conventional outdoor growing, greenhouse growing, and Biodome growing.

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Biodome greenhouse comparison

Biodome greenhouse comparison